GCSE & A Level

music examsRecordings 4 Schools can help you achieve a Professional Recording for your students doing GCSE and A-Level Performance Exams

Are you struggling with poor quality recordings  and a lack of facilities to do justice to your pupils performance / composition elements for their GCSE and A Level Music exams?

When it comes to recording for GCSE and / or A-Level music examinations, a lot of schools tend to do the recording in house.   Some schools do have properly built in recording studios – but a lot don’t. In the latter cases often the recording is done with a fairly basic set up involving usually just a single microphone and a poor quality mixing desk hooked up to a computer.  Some schools even just use an iPhone to record the performances!


When it comes to recording a performance, it is obviously important and goes without saying that the pupil is taking part.   Regardless of whether they are singing, playing an instrument or playing along to backing tracks / piano accompaniment, the priority is to get a clean recording of the pupil.

This can be particularly important if your pupil is singing or playing along to a backing track. There is nothing worse than a badly balanced recording where the backing track dominates and ‘distorts’ your pupils performance.


For the composition element, most exam boards do not stipulate that the pupil has to take part in the recorded performance – although do check this detail in the regulations for your particular exam board. Here again, a good quality recording is paramount

Professional Recording Services

Recordings 4 Schools come to your school and record all your exam performances – usually this can be done in a single day (or 1 for each of A Level and GCSE, depending on the exam board deadlines).  The advantages of using a professional mobile recording company for this are:

  • Give your pupils the best chance of a good grade in their exam by submitting a properly balanced recording
  • Save yourself time and hassle of trying to record and the produce the recordings yourself
  • Relax in the knowledge that our recordings will be accepted by all exam boards and will comply with the regulations on editing
  • It’s a lot cheaper than you might think when compared to the time you could waste doing this in house

A day on location at your school costs just £249

  • Travel to and from your school for all our staff
  • A full day on location (based around your school day – typically 9am – 3pm)
  • Multi mic setup to deal with ensembles, bands or other types of performer
  • Professional audio mastering in our studio but without editing the original track in any way
  • Experienced sound engineers with DBS Clearance for working in schools

To find out more about recording at your School then please get in touch on 01225 302143 or click here to email us