School Christmas CD Recording

Christmas CD

Record a Christmas CD at your Primary School or Prep School on location with Recordings 4 Schools and raise funds for your school

Recordings 4 Schools record on location in Primary & Prep Schools all over the UK. The recording session is free and you only pay for the CDs ordered.  Our minimum order is just 50 units.  There is no requirement for payment up front and all our recordings are carried out to the highest possible standards.

We have finished recording for this year but it’s not too early to book your Christmas recording for 2020!

How does it work

Our sound engineers will spend a day on location at your school and set up our mobile recording studio in your hall.  We then record songs, usually 1 or 2 per year group – or per class in smaller schools.   You can sing any songs you like either to backing tracks or with instrumental accompaniment (piano, keyboard etc).  We will then produce professional CDs which you can sell at school.

CDs are a great fundraiser for the school and most schools who record with us will make anything from £300 – £1500 in profit from CD sales.  Some make considerably more depending on how many CDs you are able to sell.

Key Points

  • FREE Recording Session at your School anywhere in the UK
  • Minimum order of just 50 CDs
  • Only pay for CDs ordered
  • Design the CD Front cover (templates can be found here)
  • Professional CD Design & Packaging
  • All engineers fully qualified and carry up to date DBS Clearance

How much are the CDs?

  • 50 CDs £7.95 each
  • 100 CDs £6.50 each
  • 200 CDs £5.00 each
  • 300 CDs £4.75 each
  • 500 CDs £3.70 each
  • 1000 CDs £2.25 each

The figures above show the price break. You can of course order any quantity in between.   124 CDs for example would still be £6.50 each.  There is a point where purchasing more CDs is in fact more economical.  200 CDs for £5 each is clearly better value than 199 CDs at £6.50 each.

Sell your album online

As well as producing CDs, we can also sell your album through our online shop.  We take care of all the hosting and payments and then pay your school up to £7 for every album sold.  Find out more…


How to book

Give us a call on 01225 302143 or fill out our contact form detailing your preferred date for the recording  and a member of our team will be in touch.

*Free recording session applies when the whole school takes part in the CD Recording session. Click here for applicable terms and conditions