CD Artwork

Recordings 4 Schools can help you create professional looking artwork for your CD.

Having recorded some great songs, the next thing to focus on is the CD packaging and artwork. Not only do you want your School CD to sound great, but the look of the disc and packaging is equally important.  After all the visual appearance of your CD is the first thing that people will see when deciding whether to buy it.

Design the Front Cover

Primary Schools – We always encourage Primary Schools to hold a competition to design the front cover which engages lots of pupils in the CD even before we have done the recording.  It’s not just about the front cover. We can also incorporate a design on the CD itself, on the back cover or in the booklet. So, if you can’t decide you could potentially include 5 or 6 different designs into the CD packaging. The rest of the branding can be in your school colours.

Of course there is no obligation to have one of your pupils design the front cover. The examples below show a variety of CDs we have created for Schools which gives examples of a pupil designed front cover versus a more bespoke design. Secondary schools will typically want something different to a pupil drawing.  We can either help with that or indeed you can design your own cover using one of our templates.

Track List

Traditionally the list of songs and their track number will go on the back of the disc along with details of any soloists, instrumentalists and your Music teachers.  Again if you have more artwork, this can be incorporated on the back cover if you wish.

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