School Recordings

Record a School CD at your Primary, Secondary School, Independent or Prep School on location with Recordings 4 Schools and raise funds for your school

Recordings 4 Schools record on location all over the UK in all types of school.  We operate a professional Mobile Recording rig which we will bring to your school.  We usually set up in the school hall, chapel, music department or sometimes even a classroom depending on what you want to record and the spaces available.

Primary Schools & Primary Academies

The bulk of our school recordings, certainly in terms of quantity of sessions, takes place in Primary Schools all over the UK.   When we Record at your Primary School our team of Professional Sound engineers will usually record a song from every year group plus the whole school singing together.  We can even record a staff song too.  As well as singing, Recordings 4 Schools can also record any other music groups you have. We have even recorded a full orchestra in a Primary School before now.

Prep Schools

Recording in a Prep School can take many forms.  In a lot of cases, we are recording Choirs or Music Groups.  However, we have also recorded albums that include the whole school singing as well as various instrumental groups, school bands, and a combination of choirs, instruments and solo vocalists.

Secondary Schools & Academies

Secondary schools sometimes take a similar route to the Primary Schools although often there are considerably more pupils involved.   In the majority of cases our secondary school recordings will be more focused on smaller music groups such as Choirs and Bands for example.