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Our standard option for School CDs is now for them to be packed in a CD Digi pack. We have made this change in 2021 in order to reduce our use of plastic and show consideration towards the environment.   Unless otherwise stated our CD prices include free artwork design along the lines of the one shown below.  The photographs below are fairly self explanatory and illustrate the various artwork elements of a typical School CD.

CD Digifile

The Digifile is an environmentally friendly packaging option when compared to the CD Jewel Case.  There are 4 printable sides giving a similar option to the jewel case in terms of the amount of information which can be put onto the packaging.  
CD Digi File

CD Jewel Case


The Jewel case booklet is made up of 4 sides each of which are approximately 12cm square. This makes up the front cover (pic 1) the two inside pages (Pic 2) and the rear page (Pic 3) which is visible when you open up the Jewel Case. As you can see from this example there were many pieces of artwork created so rather than just pick one winner, we included as many designs as possible into the final album.

CD Surface

Typically this just contains your school name and the Title of your album along with the usual copyright notices and recording date.

Rear Inlay

When you turn over the jewel case on the back you have the Tray inlay. This is typically where you would put the CD Track list and any information about copyright and artwork credits


Visible up the side of the jewel case when the CD is on a shelf, this will typically contain the school name and album title.


The overall colour of the CD (in this case green) is usually based around your school colour. Most schools tend to be red, blue, green or purple. You can have the artwork background in any colour you wish.

Further information

If you would like something more bespoke, we have a team of graphic designers who can create stunning designs for a small additional fee.  For more information please call us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us.