What to Prepare

Once you have decided to Record a CD with Recordings 4 Schools the next step is to plan the music and prepare for the Recording Session.

The Songs

The first thing to start thinking about is the songs which you would like to feature on your CD. Most Primary Schools will typically record one or two songs per year group or class depending on the size of the school.   We can also include instrumental groups (recorder groups etc) and soloists / choirs if you have any.


On the recording day, it’s best to allow time to sing through each song 2 or 3 times, which in the majority of cases will be around 20 minutes per group, also allowing a few minutes for your pupils to get in and out of the hall.  Normally we suggest singing the song through once to make sure everyone remembers it.  Sometimes it might be that they sing perfectly and that’s a wrap with a single take!  But just in case, we can record the song a couple more times and then select the best one.  The singing is of course always perfect, but sometimes there are other things such as a cough or even a noise from outside which means it will be worth doing it again.

Prepare a list of songs

Once you have decided who is singing what, it’s really helpful if you can give us a list of the songs which are being recorded and by whom.  This not only helps us to mark up the recording on the day but also makes it easier when it comes to creating your CD artwork.

On our downloads page you can find all sorts of useful information amongst which is our CD Track List. This is a .docx Word Document which you can download and list all the songs we will be recording.   This document is immensely useful to us on the day and will make the process even more efficient both on the day and when we come to prepare your CD.

Any Questions?

A lot of schools we work with haven’t recorded a CD before and if there’s anything you aren’t sure about please do ask.   We have an FAQs section on our website which tries to address the most common questions but there may well be something we haven’t yet thought of.  You can get in touch either by phone or email and the details are below.  Above all we really hope you enjoy recording a CD with Recordings 4 Schools and we look forward to working with you.

 CALL US TODAY on 01225 302143 and find out how easy it is to make a recording at your school. If you prefer you can click here to email us.